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Our advanced SaaS platform. With Treedis, Matterport tours become an immersive, interactive experience. Try our user-friendly features or game-changing solutions now.


Our worldwide capture services. Wherever you are located, whatever property you need scanned – our team of expert technicians will deliver. Reach out and let’s roll our first project together!


Our 3D marketplace. With Treeco, shoppers and sellers are moving into the virtual and augmented reality world. Join us, create a 3D store, and start selling in the world’s first 3D marketplace.


Our virtual conference platform. With Hybrix, conferences can move online in a heartbeat. Interact, share information, and gather data easily. Create your online conference today!

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We are committed to creating more virtual opportunities to business owners, teachers, tour guides, brokers, buyers, travelers, agents, and everyone else. If you're reading this now, whatever business you own or profession you chose, believe me – we are crafting the best virtual solution we possibly can.

Why?Because we believe that connectivity is more important than ever, and accessibility is a basic human right. Our mission has deep roots, and so do we.

Omer Shamay, CEO and Co-Founder, Treedis

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